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Believe or not, Tom is a pretty shy guy!   But states that in front a camera is no different than competing onstage - his focus and goal?  "The loyal fans!"


1975 ~ Actual n ewspaper clipping of Tom's first major win as Mr. Michigan.  As you can see, he is not shy when it comes to the camera.
1984 Mike Neveux took this in his studio just before the Mr. Olympia.
The mate to the one above; Tom has these custom framed side by side.
1981 on Malibu Beach, right before the Mr. Olympia.  Tom's most controversial year where many thought he should have won the title.  Shot by John Balik of Ironman Magazine.  Photo is currently sold out.
Most famous shot in this photo shoot.  Posters are still available.
Another great shot!  Photo is currently sold out.
1987 Tom and his 'Baby' '60 Corvette.  Most Sold Photo in the World of Tom Platz.
By the late, great Artie Zeller taken on Malibu Beach during my 'Comeback" in 1995. It was freezing that day. I did some pushups underneath a blanket to bring some veins out, stepped out of the blanket and said to Artie to take them fast before the veins go away.  FYI, Dr. Cha has this one on her office wall, and she considers it her fav.
1995 Mr. Intensity, business as usual at the gym, the Comeback.

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