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August 1988
My 1960 , fuel-injection Corvette, my baby. All parts were original, all the numbers matched. It was so clean you could eat off of it. Photo by Robert Reiff.

Ironman Apr. 1988
Mike Neveux took this shot. Back in the 70's, before aerobic work was popular, I rode my 10-speed to the gym. People thought it was for the exercise or special for my leg development, I just didn't have a car!

Ironman, Feb. 1995
This was taken during my "comeback" after 1:00 AM, man was I tired, the bar felt like 1,000 lbs.
Photo by Mike Neveux.
MuscleMag 1981
Right before the 1981 Olympia which was history in the making. Losing this show and almost winning, I believe was more instrumental to my career than actually winning.
Photo by John Balik.
MuscleMag 1981
Standing relaxed. That year, everything worked. My diet worked exactly right; I just would open the door to the gym and get results.
Photo by John Balik.
Muscular Development, Nov. 1995
With Monica Brandt, who was pretty new to the scene. Back then & when I first met her before the shoot, I told Per Bernal (the photographer) she looks way too young. She looks like she could be my daughter. After she came out of makeup, I said 'oops' I was defintely wrong!


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