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2005 - 2007 Tom Platz. . . .and Cha ....
March 2005, England at the OHF Hall of Fame Event. 
Today, living in Scottsdale, AZ, Tom and Cha are working on several projects (always), planning their retirement, though Cha thinks they will only be in their mature, prime ages in 2020, and both are seeking vital education to bring their dreams to fruition.  Occasionally, they are called upon to teach, and are very happy not having to travel as much - "flying is such a pain these days".  One thing they both have enjoyed - The Phoenix Open/FBR - Tom was able to see his favorites, Vijay Singh and John Daly, play.  They both have manage through the unforgiving summers, and know that it is not forever.
New Year's Eve 2006, bringing in 2007 at Tommy Bahama Restaurant New Year's Bash at Kierland Commons!

It took about 2 years for Cha to get used to being away from the ocean after living by one for 55 years, but with frequent visits to California, her adjustment went well.  Her new convertible, Aquarius Blue Super Beetle has helped significantly with the healing.  She says that Tom spoils her rotten!  She is now back to column writing, finishing her Guides and is back in the gym, working on a personal project.  She has also (FINALLY) contacted a videographer regarding her Seven Transitions to Excellence DVD that so many have been waiting for.   Her Practice has reached worldwide - having clients even in Hawaii, Alaska, Australia, England, Ireland, Italy and South Africa.  She says, "Wow, I am so honored!  I have had clients in all 50 states!"

May 2007, Mr. Intensity kicking back at home, preparing for his 52nd birthday.  Is that a glow that we see?  Oh, that's right, he's returned to the gym! Dr. Cha on her 57th Birthday.  Party, of course, was at their most favorite restaurant, Tommy Bahama.

Tom, of course, adjusts quickly, to just about everything - being a retired Colonel's son, he was used to frequent change of scenery.  For the past year, Tom has invested his time in education regarding the new and used car business - his 2nd love and dream is about to come true.  The sacrifices he has made, leaving bodybuilding for about a year, has paid off.  Of course, he manages Cha's thriving AchievExcellence Practice, so she doesn't give it away.  Today, he actually glows!  "Life just doesn't get any better than this!"  

Tom is also back in the gym after the year layoff - easing his way back - with more wisdom, more maturity, more magic than ever.  Prepare yourselves, he has made some decisions regarding his 1st love, bodybuilding.  You will not be surprised, but intensely shocked!  "We will see what God has in mind."  Tom Platz is always willing to please his loyal fans!  You never know what to expect from The Golden Eagle!

He has been working on the Garage Sale - it seems Cha has had some difficulty as he runs across something he hasn't seen for years - she finds him wearing it - hoping to keep it.  Well, they are working together in trying to get Tom to 'hone' down his wardrobe - gut his huge closet so you can walk in rather than reach in - and empty the boxes in their 2nd garage - well, let's put it this way - Tom loves vintage stuff, but also loves all the new stuff from Cha too - he claims he is shredded in making decisions during this downsizing!

August 2004 at Joe Gold's Memorial Service as seen in MuscleMag's Tribute to Joe Gold Issue.

2000 - 2005: Tom and Cha enjoy traveling together and staying busy with their teaching roles, but when it is time to relax, they usually do it in style with fine foods, excellent wines, a great movie and a nice cigar. For more serious roles, Tom and Cha are one another's personal fitness practitioner, and they train together at the Gold's gym in Redondo Beach, and occasionally at World Gym in Marina Del Rey. Sometimes you will see them at World Gym and Gold's Gym throughout California and the U.S. Sometimes Tom forgets Cha is a girl when it comes to the squat rack! Between training, they also go for a walk along the coast and REALLY look at the beautiful world we live in! Cha refers to this gesture as "Grounding", one of the Seven Transitions to Excellence she developed in 1997 (soon to be in DVD).

Cha is a gourmet chef and finds cooking to be relaxing and rewarding; Tom, of course, enjoys eating! He brews hot English tea or certified organic Kona coffee every morning for Cha. She claims, "no one prepares English tea or French Press coffee like Tom!" Once a week, they take a day off from work. They rollerblade, walk on the beach, discuss their future together, one another's personal and professional goals, and plan every thing to a "P" as they both have a great tendency to be (perfectionists - anal retentive) well-organized, detail-oriented and precise in everything they do. Tom, being an avid golfer and having a great love for the sport, has convinced Cha to indulge in the sport also; they both find it relaxing. From a more spontaneous point of view, they pack up their picnic basket with a French baguette or organic croissants, a bottle of Italian wine and raw edam cheese, and take off to the mountains or to the beaches of Malibu, Manhattan or Santa Monica, where they spend time thanking God for their wonderful relationship with Him and with one another.

The Marriage.... On September 11, 2000 at Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, about 1/4 mile from their apartment home.  Cha wore a traditional iro uchikake (Japanese colorful wedding kimono) and Tom wore dark grey tuxedo with tails. The formal candlelight service was shared by 65 of their closest friends. Attending guests were from Hawaii, Japan, Australia, Canada, New York, Idaho, Washington, D.C., Germany, New Mexico, Florida, Nevada and various parts of California. Their wedding was also broadcasted live via the internet for those who were unable to attend. Tom and Cha will continue to make their home in Southern California where they have a view of Catalina Island and the Pacific Ocean from their terrace.


Exerpts from Tom Platz's Biography
Thomas Steven Platz was born in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, an Army base, on June 26, 1955. For the Christmas of 1965, his parents' bought from Joe Weider Weight Set, that came with the training manual. Tom words, "I inherently felt these weights would change my life and be my life. The plates were painted gold, made out of iron, and weighed 95 pounds in total, which consisted of a 15-pound straight bar and individual plates weight 5, 10, 25 with tiny collars. Our basement ceiling was so low, that my dad would have to lift the weights above his head, centering it between two rafters in the ceiling. I continued to train in the basement of my parents' home, and my dad and I rigged up a makeshift bench out of a picnic bench covered with a rug. I continued to follow Weider's Training Manual, word for word, diagram for diagram."


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