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Mind DoctrineŽ

by Tom Platz

Goal Setting
Avoiding the Negative
Face the Fear of Failure


You must always expect success. If you expect success, you get success. Remember, you are in control -- no one else is in control of your life. See yourself as a winner. Dream of winning. Talk about winning and always expect to win.

When I first entered the realm of serious bodybuilding, I visualized myself as "Mr. Michigan". In my quiet moments, I would say out loud, "Tom Platz - Mr. Michigan". Over my bathroom mirror, I had a note that said, "You are looking at the future Mr. Michigan -- and the Universe". Oddly enough, I felt this visualization actually produced a mental stress on my muscles that caused them to respond as dramatically as physical exercise.

You may have heard me comment that muscle growth begins in the mind. I absolutely believe that is true. I visualized myself walking on stage . . . hearing the roar of the crowd . . . smelling the sweat from the lights gleaming down on my body . . . I could already taste the victory cake in my mouth!


"I visualized myself as Mr. Michigan. In my quiet moments, I would say out loud, 'Tom Platz - Mr. Michigan'."

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