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by Tom Platz

Goal Setting
Avoiding the Negative
Face the Fear of Failure

Goal Setting

To be truly successful in any venture means keeping score. If you don't keep score, you never know if you have won or lost. Goal Setting is simply determining what score is necessary to win.

Each year, I set an annual goal, which then becomes my "bottom line" for success. My annual goal is not, in itself, manageable, because I must wait one full year to decide if I have won or lost. Consequently, I break down my annual goal into smaller, more manageable pieces which take on different forms.

My annual goal becomes 12 monthly goals -- which become 52 weekly goals. You might call my weekly and monthly goals monitoring segments by which I evaluate my short range progress and make needed changes or enhancements to get back on track.


Important thoughts on goals:

  • Put your goals in writing
  • Give a copy of your goals to the most important person in your life
  • Review your monthly achievements with that same person
  • As you achieve each "mini" goal (and of course, your annual goal), find some way to reward yourself
  • Keep your written annual goal some place where you will see it every day -- maybe taped to your bathroom mirror



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