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by Tom Platz

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Face the Fear of Failure

Facing the Fear of Failure

In any venture or undertaking, there is risk of failure. Many people have never failed in their lives, simply because they have never been in a win/lose situation. In other words, they are "middle of the road" people. Take a close look at these people -- they are never successful at anything.

Are you aware that people who are considered "highly successful" only succeed 60% of the time? That holds true in sports or business.


For example, a baseball player who bats 400 in a season would undoubtedly win a league batting title. However, if you examine that carefully, it means that he only gets 4 hits out of 10 times at bat -- in other words, he fails 6 out of 10 times! In business, if 60% of your decisions are correct, you will be extremely rich and successful.

If you don't give it all you have each day, how can you sit back night and feel comfortable with yourself? Even if you don't win the contest, it's okay, because if you gave your very best and failed to win, you have still succeeded -- it is your own personal victory.

When you win a title, the reward is the acclaim from your peers -- of course that's important! You must, however, be able to rationalize and still see yourself as a winner even if you don't get it all.

I find it equally important to surround myself with success, dress successfully and talk about success. You must have a self-image of success, and you will become that which you perceive.


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