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Mind DoctrineŽ

by Tom Platz

Goal Setting
Avoiding the Negative
Face the Fear of Failure

Avoiding the Negative

It is important to establish a positive outlook and very basic, "gut level" personal positive feelings. Even when a negative experience occurs, you must live in the positive.

It follows that if you are never positive, you will always be negative, and if you are never negative, you will always be positive.

Everyone feels negative at times. You are not unique in that sense. Even the most successful people in the world are negative at times. The difference is that successful people establish negative and positive reference points and learn to build on those reference points in favor of the positive. They also handle negative people -- by making certain they don't associate with them, thus surrounding their own lives with a preponderance of positives. I firmly believe that even negative experiences contribute toward the positive because they make you think "How can I make it better?" or "How can I prevent this from happening again?"

A typical example is that of an unsatisfactory workout. The positive is that you have learned what a good workout is because you have had a bad one. If you never had a bad workout, how could you know when you had a good one?


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